Friday, February 04, 2005

What if the Right was right?

Maybe you're like me and have opposed the Iraq war since before the shooting started -- not to the point of joining any peace protests, but at least letting people know where you stood.

You didn't change your mind when our troops swept quickly into Baghdad or when you saw the rabble that celebrated the toppling of the Saddam Hussein statue, figuring that little had been accomplished and that the tough job still lay ahead.

Despite your misgivings, you didn't demand the troops be brought home immediately afterward, believing the United States must at least try to finish what it started to avoid even greater bloodshed. And while you cheered Saddam's capture, you couldn't help but thinking I-told-you-so in the months that followed as the violence continued to spread and the death toll mounted.

By now, you might have even voted against George Bush -- a second time -- to register your disapproval.

But after watching Sunday's election in Iraq and seeing the first clear sign that freedom really may mean something to the Iraqi people, you have to be asking yourself: What if it turns out Bush was right, and we were wrong?

It's hard to swallow, isn't it?


Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown (a democrat) in his column What if Bush has been right about Iraq all along?


Anonymous said...

What if you were in a car accident and the only person who could help just stood by and stared at you?
What if you saw someone getting mugged and you just twiddled your thumbs for a while?
What if your best friend's house is on fire and nobody cared?
What if we weren't forced into WWII and the Nazi's took over everything? I know I would want a little outside help if I were to dying, burning, bleeding, suffering.

Remember, 78% of Democrats in the House, including John Kerry, "knew" there were WMD's in Iraq, or the power to obtain them. The President does not act alone. Everything that he proposes has been voted on and passed.

The majority of the violence is from insurgents from other surrounding countries, who do not want Iraq to be free, and the US to pull out prematurely would be a death sentence to the Iraqi citizens, just like in the 90's when we pulled out without first destroying Saddam's regime.

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