Sunday, February 13, 2005

Osama's lullaby

I just watched the 60 Minutes special about Mamdouh Habib (one of two Australians who spect many years in US custody in Gitmo - See my earlier post on the subject). While his wife gave a strong performance (and it is possible that a terrorist would not inform their spouse of their double life), his act was less than convincing, particulalry his refusal to explain how he ended up in Afghanistan and by some account - in an Al Qaida terror training camp.

The main message though that was clearly conveyed was that he was a human being like us all - with a loving wife and a solid family structure. I almost went soft on him, but then I realised: does Osama bin Laden not kiss his son goodnight or sing a lullaby to his daughter?!

One could even argue that the "humane" terrorist is worse than the tyrant - the latter knows no love while the former knows it, yet chooses to inflict the cruelest harm on others.

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