Friday, February 04, 2005

Axis of Evil & the Seven Headed Dragon

"The Islamic Republic of Iran, because of defending the rights of the oppressed and confronting oppressors, is being attacked by the global tyrants" [At least he is picking up some of Bush's lingo – ed.]

Iranian Supreme Leader, Mullah Ali Khamenei on 3 Febuary 2005 in response To Bush’s State of the Union address.

Comparing the United states to "one of the heads of a seven-headed dragon" [see artist’s illustration below –ed.], Khamenei said Bush had been put in the White House by "Zionist and non-Zionist capitalists to serve their interests." [It would seem that “all Zionists are capitalists, but some capitalists are non-Zionist” - ed.]

And in an apparent reference to Iran's nuclear program, he said: "The Iranian nation's achievements and developments are surprising in many fields and have attracted the attention of the world."

The Persian Journal

USA Dragon Head - second head from right

Supreme Mullah Khamenei - head on the right

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