Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Ultimate Torture

Detainees Told FBI of Koran Desecration
Los Angeles Times

Well, there you have it: Gitmo detainees read Newsweeek - and if that 's not torture, what is?!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Pharaoh & Saddam's ungodly side

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Last night, a French lawyer for Saddam threatened to sue The Sun for $1million in damages.

Emmanuel Ludot said: “I think it’s a strategy duly orchestrated by the Americans to destroy the image of Saddam Hussein — to say ‘look at this man, he’s not a god, he’s only a man’.”

The Sun

And what exactly is he suggesting, that he is a god?!

According to Jewish tradition, Pharaoh tried to hide the fact that he defecated as it is unseemly for a god figure and hence used to go out early in the morning to the river where he will not be seen. I guess Saddam in his underpants is tantamount to Pharaoh shitting.

Friday, May 06, 2005

An Ode to Blair & Democracy

Tomorrow I intend to go down to 10 Downing Street like many tourists in London do. However, on this day I will be able to witness the re-election of last of the “Coalition of the Willing” leaders - or the Three Musketeers as some would have it.

In a fair and a democratic society, the election is the most accurate gauge public opinion. British tabloids, American media polls and Australian news commentators have time and time again been getting the basic sentiments of society wrong. It is basic statistical dictum that a poll conducted on 10’s of millions is far more accurate than a poll conducted on 1000. When time and time again, the public manages to baffle the MSM pundits, it would suggest that the media is more out of touch with the populus than the leaders they love to bash.

After all, have the media even considered the possibility that Bush, Howard and Blair may have won ‘because’ of Iraq rather than ‘in spite of it’?!

It is high time for the media to acknowledge that this gap exists and that it is problematic. If they are to call themselves the “Fourth Estate” (after the Executive, Legislative & Judicial) and evoke the concept of ‘freedom’ to declare a free press as an untouchable cornerstone of a democratic system, they must acknowledge another tenant of democracy – ‘representation’. Like the other Estates, the media ought to be represent the nation’s opinions, not attempt to mould them; they must ensure that their editorials are not compliant with the 80:20 rule against Bush or Blair or Howard – or for that matter Michael Moore.

Thank God, the Coalition of the willing is a live and kicking and will hopefully continue to spread Democracy throughout the world, a democracy based on freedom and representation.