Thursday, March 17, 2005

Media Coverage during the 2004 Election Campaign

The State of the Media Report by run by and a stroy reported on by Yahoo News came up with the following startling conclusion: media coverage of the 2004 election was slanted against Bush. After you finish gasping, you might note that this comes from a Journalist body (Strike 1) with ties to academia (Strike 2), namely Columbia Univesity - and yet even they, in a fleeting moment of self reflection, came up with the following facts:

Please note that when unspecified all TV/Media statistics of election coverage INCLUDE Fox News. Imagine what the statistics would be otherwise.

Brainwave: perhaps Fox's slogan "Fair and Balanced" does not mean that they present fair and balanced news but that it is only FAIR they tilt the scales the other way to create BALANCE.

Presidential Campaign TV Ad Spending, 2004

Cable News Believability, by Political Leaning

Bias in Campaign Coverage

Believability of Network News Outlets

Presidential Campaign News for Television Viewers - by Party

Media Outlets Ranked by Believability, 2004

Believability of News Outlets Over Time


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