Thursday, January 06, 2005

The past few months

It has been an interesting few months. John Howard was reelected in a landslide in Australia, Bush was reelected in a near-landslide in the US and after a couple weeks of playing zombie, Arafat decided to meet his 72 f**k buddies.

Just goes to prove that good things come in threes... or 72!

And the consequences:

  • "Despite" Howard, Australia and Indonesian/Asian relations are closer than ever and we didn't have to compromise any standards along the way.
  • Bush was reelected by 59 million "dumb voters" (as the Daily Mirror reported it) and the end of the world has yet to arrive. And,
  • the death of the "peace prize" laureate seems to have somehow exponentially improved the odds for peace with democratic elections taking place in the coming Sunday; with Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Gulf State members rekindling ties with the “Zionist Enemy”; and the situation forcing Syrian president to serenade Israel to get a piece of the pie.

It is true though, that like any good French movie, the year could not have ended with such a Hollywood ending, and we bore witness to one of the most dreadful natural disasters in recent time. Our hearts and prayers are with those who lost their loved ones.

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